Fremont, Calif., 25 April, 2006 --- Panomics, Inc., developer of innovative products and technologies for Parallel Quantitative Biology (PQB) TM, and leading provider of life sciences research reagents, today announced the opening of a wholly owned European subsidiary, Panomics SRL, located in Milan, Italy. Mr. Luigi Pirovano has been appointed the subsidiary’s Managing Director reporting to George Bers, Executive Vice President for Commercial Operations.

“There is substantial customer demand for Panomics’ products in Europe,” said Mr. Bers. “By establishing direct sales channels and customer relationships, we are implementing an aggressive plan to extend our PQB strategy globally. This is an important step in our mission to establish Panomics’ PQB products on a world-wide basis.”

Mr. Luigi Pirovano joins the company as an experienced general manager of life science tools and clinical diagnostics businesses. Mr. Pirovano has over 35 years of leadership in the biotech industry, including in executive management roles at Bio-Rad, Sclavo Diagnostics, and Amplimedical.

Commenting on his new role, Mr. Pirovano said, “I am excited about the opportunity to lead the European efforts of such a dynamic company. Panomics’ products are rapidly being adopted among European pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research institutions, where they are being used in applications such as RNA interference, biomarker and pathway analysis, and gene expression profiling. We expect that the new products for multiplexed analysis of regulatory proteins and DNA methylation will also be of great interest to our European customers.”

Panomics, Inc., which was formed in February from a merger between Genospectra of Fremont, CA and Panomics of Redwood City, CA, is opening its European offices to address and support a growing customer base throughout Europe. The new subsidiary will extend Panomics’ commercial presence in Europe, leverage new business opportunities abroad, and provide local service and support to its customers.

About Panomics, Inc.

Panomics is a privately-held life science company focused on parallel quantitative biology (PQB) a platform of reagents and products that enable the multiplex measurement of molecular events, such as intracellular pathway analysis, cell signaling and gene expression profiling, in a quantitative and scalable manner. Panomics has grown rapidly on the value of QuantiGene and QuantiGene Plex, our proprietary bDNA technology for gene expression analysis in cell-based assays, as well as our signal transduction and transcription factor assays. The company recently launched Deliver X a new siRNA delivery reagent for non-cytotoxic transfection of RNAi reagents into primary cell lines, the first in a series of biomolecule delivery products. Panomics (formerly Genospectra) was founded in 2000 and is based in Fremont, CA. For further information, log on to