About Us

Located in Zurich, Aravis is the first independent Swiss on-shore private equity house. With a track record of investment in the renewable energy and life science spaces, the company benefits from an investment expertise that transcends industry sectors.


Aravis€™ funds have a track record of success in the service of over 30 leading investors including corporates, pension funds, government funds, insurance companies and family offices. Since 1995, the Aravis partners have a cumulative history of investments in over 100 companies.

Why Aravis?

An established investor in renewable energy, the Aravis Energy team has demonstrated their ability to raise funds, attract syndicate and structure complex projects resulting to date in the divestment of five renewable energy companies producing in excess of 100 gigawatt-hours.

With a long track record in life science and two life science investment funds (Aravis Biotech I and Aravis Biotech II), Aravis has held an early stage stake in some of the more eye-catching Swiss life science companies and has had over the years some notable exits through reverse takeover, IPO or acquisition.

Investment philosophy

Aravis has a distinct and crafted approach to investment, taking a €œhands on€ approach that balances between finance, commercial assets and people. This approach transcends industry sectors and with years of collected experience and expertise, Aravis has established a comprehensive investment platform that also incorporates accounting, regulatory and reporting expertise specific to Switzerland. This means that Aravis is well placed to manage external funds for clients and institutions as well as putting together further internal funds focused on current and new industry sectors.